We've been enjoying the companionship of the crystal kingdom since the 1990s & have been buying and selling crystals

Relaxing Crystal Therapy Sessions

We are also into teaching crystal classes since 1997, With us you will find over 100 crystals.

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About Us

Most civilizations, cultures and peoples have used crystals and gemstones for many purposes, including healing, protection and the most powerful of initiations. Crystal Therapy as taught by SATYAMANI HEALING CENTER is in two levels both of which are HOME STUDY. After completion of the first level, students are able to begin immediately using the knowledge they gained and the crystals/gemstones included with the course for healing purposes whether stand-alone or in conjunction with other THERAPIES.


Crystal Therapy

Introduction to Crystal Therapy provides everything you need to immediately start using Crystals and Gemstones in different ways to assist in healing, meditation, stress relief and more, including: Exceptional basic knowledge of how Crystals and Gemstones are formed and mined and how healing properties correspond to formation Crystal and Gemstone history including past, present and future uses of Healing stones Crystal and Gemstone shape and structure and how they correspond to lifestyle conditions and healing.

Mind Power Enhancer

Since thousands of ages, people have been using crystals for different purposes. Their power to heal and protect human for different purposes are worth it. These sacred gifts from Mother Earth are highly valued to boost the mind power and enabling to change life for the better.
You may not have heard about the power of crystals, stones, rocks and gems. Whether as the adornment for rich or for their healing aspects, these precious stones have been a part of society from a very long time.

Chakra Healing

Each of Seven Chakras are connected with specific colors, foods, sounds and gemstones. In this busy world we live today, our human energy field can easily become unbalanced. But, to promote wellness using chakra healing crystals you can readjust it. Let’s start with the first chakra that is Root Chakra. It’s located at the base of the spine, and is connected with the color red. It is associated with security, grounding, physical activity, confidence and identity of an individual.

Healing Crystal

One of the best ways to find out whether a painless complementary therapy works is to try it out on an animal, small child or a plant. They do not need a belief in the treatment’s efficacy, nor do they have the ability to understand the treatment, or suggest that the result could be just coincidence.

What our clients are saying

Every single healing session I have had with Dr. Agarwal has been an individual miracle and a true divine gift. From knee pain that was endured for months to walking pain free after 20 minutes of healing. The examples abound. His connection with Source and Intuition is so strong and this makes each healing carry the pure energy of unconditional love. He is just as fantastic in healing the physical body as he is with the emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. Most definitely Dr. Anoop Agarwal is one of a kind.”



I just received a crystal therapy healing session from Dr. Anoop Agarwal and it was amazing to say the least! Dr. Agarwal lays polished and unpolished crystals on top of your body so you can feel their wonderful healing energy. Immediately I felt their energy working on my discomfort in my lower back, and then the energy moved up my spine and onto my painful neck and shoulders. I’m still feeling floaty and relaxed after an hour and a half! Thank you so much Dr. Agarwal! I highly recommend this healing.



My healing sessions with Dr.Anoop Agarwal are simply wonderful! I am transported to a place of absolute peace and tranquillity. My body feels a sense of heaviness and complete relaxation. All pain and stress is forgotten. He opens my chakra’s, helping my body’s energy to flow to enable self-healing. As I lay on bed, Dr. Agarwal lays his crystals on me in his healing room, and I can immediately feel their healing energy.Dr. Agarwal is truly a remarkable healer!”

Fatima Hassan

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