Healing Through Crystals

All of us have experienced problems and difficulties in some form or the other related to our health (physical, psychological and emotional) in our lives. It could be a mild symptom like anxiety, joint pain, anger or something more serious like depression, suicidal thoughts or schizophrenia.

When we talk about ailments or disease we took it as or relate them with body. But disease is not only related to body but with mind too. The reason behind every disease is DIS-EASE of our mind. The above chart gives a breakdown (on average) of the root causes of problems and difficulties in our lives. Our research has indicated that up to 85% of the root causes for the problems in our life are our mind. Your brain or the conscious mind is the hardware – that’s the physical box. It means your brain has all the power connections, wiring, storage, memory and processing power you need to function as a human being. If your brain is the hardware, then your mind or the unconscious mind is the software. It’s the operating system that collects, stores and manages information, using the massive processing resources of your brain. In simple terms, the unconscious is the storage place for all our memories that have been repressed or which we don’t wish to recall.

Mind Power Enhancer

In Today’s time people talk about Mind Power everyone wants to enhance his/her mind power. But first of all we have to know that what is mind power? How it works? Why is it so important nowadays? Where we use this power? And what are tools to enhance its power. You probably didn’t know it, but your mind is actually far more powerful than you think. Like a magnet, what it sees and thinks it will eventually bring to itself. This is something called the ‘Law of Attraction’. What the law of attraction basically states is that if you believe something, it’s going to happen.

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