Testimonials for Crystal Therapy Sessions

I just received a crystal therapy healing session from Dr. Anoop Agarwal and it was amazing to say the least! Dr. Agarwal lays polished and unpolished crystals on top of your body so you can feel their wonderful healing energy. Immediately I felt their energy working on my discomfort in my lower back, and then the energy moved up my spine and onto my painful neck and shoulders. I’m still feeling floaty and relaxed after an hour and a half! Thank you so much Dr. Agarwal! I highly recommend this healing.

Megha Solanki


I have had the great fortune to experience crystal healing sessions with Dr. Agarwal. Each experience was unique and special. Dr. Agarwal explains everything as he goes along, gently placing the crystals where they will do the most good. He customizes each clearing and is guided to choose crystals that will most benefit the recipient. The first time experience with the healing, I was with Dr. Agarwal became me so relaxed that I fell asleep at the end of the session. After the session I was overflowing with joy. I am forever grateful for Dr. Agarwal’s gifts and how he is a conduit for healing.



Every single healing session I have had with Dr. Agarwal has been an individual miracle and a true divine gift. From knee pain that was endured for months to walking pain free after 20 minutes of healing. The examples abound. His connection with Source and Intuition is so strong and this makes each healing carry the pure energy of unconditional love. He is just as fantastic in healing the physical body as he is with the emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. Most definitely Dr. Anoop Agarwal is one of a kind.

Jagdish Madaan


My crystal healing session with Dr. Anoop Agarwal was heavenly! I found a sense of peace during our healing session that lasted for several weeks. I had noticeable changes with my breathing (I have asthma) and my sense of well-being. Dr. Agarwal also Counsel me and I received support about some issue going on at the time. The energy Dr. Agarwal works with brought more healing, lifting and joy into my awareness and my home. I plan and look forward to having another session with Dr. Agarwal again! While clarity can come during a session with Dr. Agarwal, I don’t consider it an intellectual process, but rather a receiving of the healing of the Heart.



My healing sessions with Dr.Anoop Agarwal are simply wonderful! I am transported to a place of absolute peace and tranquillity. My body feels a sense of heaviness and complete relaxation. All pain and stress is forgotten. He opens my chakra’s, helping my body’s energy to flow to enable self-healing. As I lay on bed, Dr. Agarwal lays his crystals on me in his healing room, and I can immediately feel their healing energy.Dr. Agarwal is truly a remarkable healer!

Fatima Hassan


Testimonials for Counselling

I’ve always been a man of logic and reason, trapped in a world that hardly uses either. My study of philosophy has made me understand that the only people, who are wise, are the ones who understand that they don’t know everything. So when I first discovered the avenue for which Anoop Agarwal uses to bring healing and prosperity, I was completely open minded and eager to have that experience.

First, I just want to say that Dr. Agarwal was not only professional but very caring and kind, which I think every great healer possesses. I found the entire process a comfort for the soul; it was extremely peaceful and afterwards felt a strong sense of harmony with the universe. I would highly recommend Dr. Agarwal to anyone that is interested in Spiritual Healing with Crystal Therapy;he has a way of making you feel like he’s a long lost friend.

Peace Love & Blessings

Siddhant Sharma


Dr. Anoop Agarwal helps me a lot, every time I don’t feel good. He helps me find answers to my questions. His availability and effects are indescribable. As soon as I have a hard time to deal with certain stress in my life, I contact him and he brings me the support I need to find myself back in a good place again. He helps me feel better with her clearing and helps me unlock my inner strength.


PreetVihar,New Delhi

The universe brought Dr. Agarwal into my life when I needed him and I’ve been grateful ever since. From my first clearing with Dr. Agarwal, I’ve been able to dig down into the layers of my life and align myself with my true intentions. His guidance and knowledge has kept me honest to myself and I’ve consistently moved forward in areas of my life that I’ve focused and worked on with him. Each session with Dr. Agarwal was upon and I’ve never felt better in years. An Analysis of my problem and after that the mix session of healing and counselling with Anoop Agarwal is straight and to the point. I’ve never gotten so much out of an analysis with anyone else. He truly wants to help people help themselves to overcome blocks, negative thoughts, fears, challenges and so on.  He has a unique way of explaining present situations so anyone can easily understand where he’s coming from – then it’s up to us to take his advice, be thankful and overcome and move forward.

Ajay Parmar


I always considered myself a huge procrastinator. Always putting things off, to the last minute. Unfortunately, this started to affect my life. At one point I had a hundred things to do but didn’t know where to start. A close friend suggested I speak to someone. However, I wasn’t interested in someone to help me organize my life.

Surprisingly, it was nothing like that. After getting my Aura checked and a detailed analysis by Dr. Agarwal on it give me the direction of my working area. He guides me on different levels. I definitely felt not only more focused but over-all had a better clarity of my personal being.


Testimonials for Crystal Products

I just received my crystal pendant in the mail, and I am over the moon with excitement. I’ve been looking for a pyramid-shaped crystal for a long time, and when I found your website I knew this was the piece for me. I can’t believe how quickly it arrived! The packaging is beautiful and the information included with the necklace is so helpful and inspiring. I’m so happy I found your site!

Sheeta Verma


Recently, I bought a Amethyst bracelet to open my mind to where I belong, where I want to live and to find stability in myself again. I’ve gotten stars in my eyes again, am more calm and focused and can really see what is important to me! Thank you Satyamani Crystals. I will continue buying crystals for my loved ones and me!



I always have my Protection Crystal in my pocket at work in my scrubs. If I start to feel overwhelmed or stressed I reach into my pocket and hold it. When I had surgery two years ago, my mother held it the entire time I was in surgery. Since then, the energy I have felt in it has been amazing. There is true power in believing that something is protecting you in all aspect of life. I hope to have my crystal forever. I bought one for my mom too and she keeps it in her purse. I love Satyamani and just the purity and spirit of it all.

Deepak Prashar


I had been trying for over a year to get pregnant. I wasn’t going through fertility or anything like that, but we were actively tracking and trying to get pregnant. I was becoming discouraged. I had seen an ad for Satyamani in a magazine I was reading and decide to check it out. When I went to your website I saw the crystals which can help me in this state i consult you. And you guide me certain set of crystals. I purchased them immediately. When I received them, I use them (as instructed) on my desire to conceive a child. The very next month, I learned that I was pregnant. I continued to use the crystals throughout my pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby girl. Thank You Dr. Agarwal


3 months ago I bought a smoky and citrine bracelet for grounding and creativity. It has been immensely helpful in helping me to attain peace while I, as a teacher, undertook the great challenge of creating a brand new curriculum this year (for a school at which I am the “newbie!” Stressful!) The citrine bracelet will help me to continue to exercise my creativity at work, while also striving to achieve personal freedom for my goals in life outside of work. Thank you for inspiration!

Chavi Aggarwal

Some Kind Words from Our Students

I have enjoyed this course and have covered a lot.  It has given me the ability to use crystals or healing and helped my understanding of the use of color.  Your website has a nice feel to it, quite positive. I took a long time to start the course and not all teachers would have been as patient as you.

Sheeta Verma


The course was very good. Just as what I was looking for. It opened my eyes to concepts and ways of using crystals that I had not considered previously, and has expanded my work and offering to clients.

Gurmeet Chopra


I loved every moment of my studies! I found the course very informative. I had previously taken a course that introduced me to Crystal Healing, but your course was more in depth and detailed. Tutor guidance was excellent – coursework was always returned extremely quickly and questions were always answered promptly and honestly – couldn’t be better. I would certainly recommend the overall experience to anyone who is thinking about it.

Natasha Menon


I found the course enjoyable, interesting and fairly detailed for a beginner’s course. I learned so much, not just from the materials but from working with the crystals themselves. Initially I thought I would complete the course quickly to gain the certificate, but I think the crystals had other ideas! With the luxury of hindsight I am glad that I have taken a longer time, as I have learned so much between starting and completion that I wouldn’t have gained if I had whizzed through quickly.I have been recommending your site and courses to others and will do more courses with you in the future.

Palak Gupta


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